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Professional Special Effects Services

Pro FX Inc. is recognized as Western Canada's premier close proximity pyrotechnic company. We lead the industry in safe, creative, and innovative special effects for all live entertainment.

Pro FX Inc. has been providing close proximity pyrotechnics (indoor fireworks) since 2002. We have designed and executed numerous indoor and outdoor pyrotechnic displays for sporting events, corporate shows, concerts and raves as well as many other live events.


Pyrotechnics, commonly known as indoor fireworks, can enhance any even from a wedding to a major sporting event.

A pyrotecnic show can even be the main event in itself.

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Special Effects


ProFX employs a diverse group of highly skilled and experienced technicians, allowing us to offer our clients a wide range of special effects.

Flames from 5'- 50', various fog, CO2, and other atmospheric effects, confetti and streamers, and massive full scale pyromusicals!

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Tel: (403) 225-3045
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Pro FX Inc. has a wide range of effects that we can use to enhance your next event.  Indoor, outdoor, big event, small event, high level fireworks, low level pyrotechnics, fire effects, cryojets, or mega blasts of confetti, Pro FX Inc. can take care of it all! Learn More >>

We offer a wide range of services all across B.C, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

#566, 7620 Elbow Drive S.W.
Calgary, Alberta   T2V 1K2

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