Pyrotechnics are close proximity fireworks.  They are manufactured to a much higher standard than fireworks, and are tested for quality control much more frequently than fireworks.  Pyrotechnics can be used safely and legally close to a crowd, indoors or outdoors.


ProFX Inc. uses Pyrodigital, the most advanced electronic firing system in the industry.  In addition, we have the best professional and consumer fireworks.  These products are the safest in the industry, and we can design and produce your firework show of any size.

Flame Effects

ProFX Inc. has designed and built several different unique flame systems in addition to having flame equipment from industry leading manufacturers.  We have the ability to control, manipulate, make fire dance, on cue to music.

Confetti and Streamers

Whether you are celebrating the big win, or punctuating a special moment at a musical event or wedding, you can't go wrong with confetti and streamers.  We can produce quick blasts of confetti or streamers, or long a duration cloud of confetti.

Other Effects

Pro FX Inc. has a wide range of equipment to produce atmospheric effects for all live events including sports, theatre, film and still photography. We have the ability to simulate almost any weather condition, from early morning fog, to the most violent of storms.