Other Effects

Pro FX Inc. has a wide range of equipment to produce atmospheric effects for all live events including sports, theatre, film and still photography. We have the ability to simulate almost any weather condition, from early morning fog, to the most violent of storms.

Fog effects can vary greatly from a haze for lighting enhancement to a full "white out", or a curtain for an entrance or backdrop.  Low lying fog is a spectacular effect that resembless clouds on the ground.  It can be used to enhance an introduction, create a certain mood, or intensify a performance.  Our large selection of fog equipment can meet your needs in any venue.


The four letter word that most of us cringe upon hearing.  How about snow any time of year?  Pro FX Inc. has the snow generating equipment to satisfy all your winterland fantasies.  Indoors or outdoors, we can produce variable sized flakes, which will bring your snow expectations to a frosty reality.


It's raining, it's pouring! From a slight mist to an overhead waterfall, or a hurricane simulation, Pro FX Inc has the creative know how to bring rain to your project!


If you need a gentle breeze to create a dramatic effect for still photography, or gale force winds during a storm scene, Pro FX Inc. has the air moving equipment to generate any level of wind you may require.


Pro FX Inc. has the ability to add a desired scent to your event, whether it's a tropical rain forest mist, or the smell of freshly cut Christmas Trees.